Handels Klein Case Study
Handels Klein, a retail construction firm, was looking to relaunch their website. They needed a site that demonstrated strength, cleanliness, and best represented their construction company. They ran multiple instant focus groups on their design. In this case, they were worried about one major aspect of their design. The main box on the landing page was the "attention grabber" of the page, and wanted to get feedback from people to see which one displayed the clean and strong qualities they were looking for. They had narrowed it down to two different designs, and needed a decision by Monday morning in order to keep the project on schedule. They began their Markiter campaign on Friday night.

Option A:

Option B:


  • Handels Klein was able to get a clear understanding of what over 200 people thought about their new website designs.
  • They were able to move forward and develop their website on schedule.
  • They selected the design that was ultimately chosen by the crowd. The additional input allowed Handels Klein to make more confident decisions about their customer facing website

Campaign Details

  • Over 200 respondents participated in the campaign over the weekend.
  • Respondents not only selected the design they liked, but they also provided comments to explain why.
  • A report, broken down by age, gender and location of respondents was ready for their Monday morning meeting.
  • The results of the campaign showed that one design was preferred by 61% of the respondents.

Sample Results

Download Sample Results

Each aspect of a website has a huge impact on what potential customers experience while navigating your website. By recognizing this, Handels Klein was able to put additional focus on this specific area to get custom feedback and combine it with the other design feedback gathered to make the best possible decision for their website launch.